Friday, November 21, 2014

Slouchy Hat for Toddler Girls

The weather has gotten a lot colder in the area so my little one needs a few more hats to keep her little head warm.  Of course I jump on the chance to make them vs. buying store made ones.  I had a hard time coming up with anything cute through Ravelry, but found this adorable Amour Slouchy Hat through etsy.  It's a super easy pattern to follow; I finished the whole thing in one weekend!  I feel like I spent more time waiting for the hat to block than to knit it!

Ok.  Is she not the most adorable little girl in that hat?!

I blocked the hat using a small desert plate. 

I didn't end up making the ribbon flower that the pattern recommended.  I had a hard time creating the same look, so I ended up crocheting the flower.  I found a great video tutorial on Crafty Gemini.  I usually don't enjoy crocheting but this flower was so much fun! 

Oh I think we will be wearing this hat every chance we get! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Amish Quilts

I have been fascinated by Amish quilts and spent a lot of time learning and searching for information about them. Apparently you can find Amish quilts mostly in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The San Jose Quilt Museum is doing a special exhibit: Antique Ohio Amish Quilts: The Darwin Bearley Collection. We stopped by this past weekend, and the quilts were simply beautiful. I imagine that the handwork must have taken many hours.

Unnamed Pattern "O" Quilt. There is a story behind this quilt; it's supposed to be 200 years old!

 This picture is a closeup of the hand quilting. 

Classic blue and red shown on the left. 

Special thanks to my sweet husband for accompanying me and watching our little toddler so I can take in all this beauty!

Quick Update

The weather is finally getting cooler around here, so I picked up my knitting again. The weather really has something to do with what I feel like working on. I finished making two items for a special recipient. I can't wait to see her wearing this cute hat. This holiday hat was super easy to make, and it was completed under one hour!

 Another "Highbury Vest" I made. Size made is newborn. I love the button used here.

 "Holiday Elf" hat for a newborn.

What have you been working on?!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quilted Baby Vest

The weather has gotten a lot cooler here in the Bay Area.  I was inspired to make a light little vest for my little one.  I love vests because they go on and off so easily!  I used Quilters Dream Wool batting instead of my usual batting.  I did some research and apparently this light wool can keep you very warm. 

I made this vest with no patterns or instructions!  I am quite proud :) 

I attached a few snaps to the front.  Loving this ABC fabric my husband picked up for me from Japan. 

While I was taking photos of this new vest, I took some good photos of the i-spy quilt to show you again!

 Can you see the quilting?  Looks pretty good to me! 

 I even made a mini version for my little one's doll.  Each square measures 2"x2".

Have a great Halloween, everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kleenex, Anyone?

I have several Japanese books that are translated to Chinese, which I can read.  One of which, "35 Bag 20 Daily Goods & Interior," has tons of cute things you can make for your house.  I fell in love with the quilted Kleenex box cover and started working on this project years ago.  Not sure why it took me so long, but it's finally completed!  I love all the Japanese taupe fabrics I selected for this.   The hand quilting really makes this piece "pop" and if you only could feel the texture.  Oh I am in love!

The pattern calls for Velcro for the closure on top, but I decided to use snaps instead.

 The other side of the cover.  The red checkerboard print is my favorite. 

Each side also has these flowers.  They were so tiny and difficult to make, but totally worth the time. 

The hardest part of this project was finding the world's smallest Kleenex box!  This is probably the standard size in Japan, but not here!  I ended up purchasing these small Kleenex box from Staples.  Who would have thought!  

Alright sneezing season.  We are ready for you!  Kleenex, anyone?! 

By the way, I stopped by PIQF today, and it was awesome.  I visited my usual booths, but purchased a lot more children related books, patterns, and fabrics.  More on that next time.