Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crocheted Hotpot Holder

This weekend I saw the cutest Christmas gift made by my aunt and I just had to learn it and make one myself! It's such an easy project and it only took me an hour to make it. I must say she was a really good teacher. I really enjoyed working with The Original Sugar'n Cream yarn (100% cotton). It was my first time working with "cotton yarn" -- be sure to check out the website for more project ideas. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fruits and Nuts Biscotti

I love the idea of sharing your favorite baked goodies with others during this time of the year. My work is having a "Baked Cookie Show Down" on Monday and I am excited to bring these biscottis with me. I have to say I am convinced I make the best biscotti, I think that's because I get to customize the recipe and add whatever I wish to. I always include pistachio, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, golden raisins, and cranberries. Quite a bit of yummy nuts and fruits huh? Every bite is just do delicious! Oh and did I mention how wonderful the smell is in the kitchen?

What are you making this holiday season?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh My! Handmade Holidays Giveaway

I have been a reader of Bumpkins Bear and Friends for awhile and absolutely love Catherine's work. Check out her blog, she is an impressive artist in Britain. I have no idea how I initially came across her blog, but I am so happy that I found it :) She has donated many adorable items for the Oh My Handmade and I found out about this give away from her blog. I find this give away very interesting because you can nominate a charity! I was surprised by how fast I was able to come up with this list! Be sure to visit the different businesses participating from all over the world. This will be my Christmas time off activity (browsing the websites!). My two favorites are Belle & Boo and sara + abraham. I have been a loyal reader of Belle & Boo and I am so excited she is part of this give away as well. I wish I knew about sara + abraham before I got married. I think they would have made cute wedding invitations!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is a Swatch Really Needed?

Yes! Absolutely! I didn't use to believe in the whole concept of having to knit up a swatch before you start a project, but learned the hard way after many mistakes. I am starting another Greenwood Cable Vest with some super soft alpaca yarn that I picked up on Black Friday this year. And of course, I did a little swatch and realized that my gauge was off by just 1/2"; I got 5 stitches per inch vs. 4.5 stitches per inch. My entire vest would have been off by 4.5"! Given this vest is for my mom so I called her and said "Mom, is it okay for your vest to be smaller than usual?" (Note: I have made her one before). My mom said "No, absolutely not. Please use your brain, do some math, and make sure it will fit me!" So I reluctantly did some math and decided to add 10 stitches to the pattern... See! Doing a swatch does make a BIG difference!

This project really looks amazing. I have not taken good pictures of them, but will so you can admire them with me :)