Saturday, February 22, 2014

Argyle Socks

Several of my friends and I took an Argyle sock class with Anne Berk at Stitches West this year. Anne said that it's hard to find Argyle sock patterns because knitting Argyle sock is just like making scramble eggs -- no recipe is needed! She had my attention after that introduction!

Here are the swatches we made during her class. I love how they are all so different!

 Mine is the light blue, dark blue, grey and red one. 

Here are some samples Anna brought to class with her.

The one on the right is my friend, Marisa's favorite!

This was a great class. I highly recommend it. I wish I had more time to tell you more, but I must go to finish up my swatch from today! If you are in the area, stop by Stitches West! 

Stitches West 2014

Wow, this annual convention just never fails to impress me. I always have a great time, but this year was amazing. My friends and I decided to take the Argyle sock knitting class together. This class started at 8:30am and ended at 5pm. I was so exhausted, but oh boy. It was so fun much! We ran through the marketplace in two hours during our lunch break. And we squeezed lunch during those two short hours as well.

Check out some of my favorite vendors from this year.

Knitter's Brewing Company: They had these $5 project bags that I love. My Argyle sock knitting instructor got a few and highly recommended. You know it's good when your teacher tells you so, right? I love the side pockets; they keep everything organized.

 My new project bag storing my Argyle sock. 

I got a few more for family. 

Big Bad Wool: This is a new booth that I haven't seen before. The owner (I think?) had her seven months old baby in her arms the entire time while she was manning the booth. I have no idea how she managed to do this with a big smile on her face. I admired her very much. I got the "Wee Cardigan" and yarn to make a soft cardigan for my little one. You see the orange pinkish yarn below? That's for this cardigan. 

These buttons made out of wood are so cute!

This is a corner of her booth with the Wee Cardigan on display.

Chromaticity Cowl: I am going to make one of these with the Bugga yarn. I am in love with this cowl design. I met the designer, Miriam Felton. She was so sweet and super helpful. She even showed me her current project. It's more fascinating for me to meet these designers than Brad Pitt? Is that weird?

Pepperberry Knits: This is also a new vendor with lovely patterns. The booth was super cute and inviting. If I had more time, I think I would sit down on the couch and just start knitting away. I purchased the Hannah hat pattern from this booth.

I am going to do another post just on the Argyle sock class I took!