Sunday, June 26, 2011

Floral iPad Cover

I got a white iPad 2 and a pink cover as my birthday present, so of course, I had to make a nice case for it. These are some of my favorite fabrics that I have been saving for the perfect project.

I think it's so perfect for the white/pink iPad.

So? What's do you think? Quite nice huh? 

The case is slightly bigger than it needs to be, but I think it's fine. 

For those of you who would like to make one, I used this tutorial. There are so many free tutorials online on how to make iPad cases, but I think I like this one the most. It was pretty easy to make. Give it a try. 

While I had my sewing machine out, I made my auntie a little knitting project bag. She loves making baby hats and always stores her knitting projects in a Ziploc bag. I think this owl one is way cuter! What do you think? I think she has made over 150 hats by now... she donates them to a local hospital nearby. I hope she likes it!

The purple ribbon doesn't quite go with the pattern here, but it's the only one I have handy.... oh well :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What do You Think?

Well, what have I been working on you ask? I am embarrassed to tell you, and I hope you are not bored with more of this...

Not one, but four Tommy vests!

I know, but I told you that I love making this!

You know what the best part is? These are for four pregnant moms; so many friends of mine are pregnant, so this is just so perfect! The yellow one is for a great friend of mine in New Jersey. The couple is going to wait to find out the sex of the baby, so I decided on the butternut squash yellow. 

Isn't that yellow ducky onesies adorable!? It goes perfectly with the vest. 

Aren't these just the cutest thing you have ever seen!? I just LOVE those red heart buttons. 

I got these buttons today from Three Beads & A Button in Cupertino. If you live nearby, you should definitely check it out. I appreciate the fact that I can buy as many as I like and simply browse an entire store full of beads and buttons. I hope stores like this stay in business.

All these vests are wrapped up and all ready to go! Oh so hard to see them go. Now if someone could just take a picture of a baby wearing it :) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Basket to the Rescue!

I am not sure about you, but I used to carry all of my knitting projects in individual paper bags, and I would take these bags with me from one room to another. But I didn't find these bags easy to work with. I mean, come on! I had to take everything out of the bag, knit a few rows, put everything back, and take the bag with me to knit night or wherever. Gosh! So much work... into the bag, out of the bag... 

Not anymore! I got a solution. Check out this basket! 

I prefer rectangle baskets, I think items fit better in them.  

This basket has everything I am working on at the moment, and when I am done knitting I just put my knitting back down in the basket! Ha! So easy right?! Now if I am going somewhere the next day I just take the basket with me. Now that's what I call knitting on the go! 

Where and how do you store your current knitting projects? I would love to know. 

By the way, do you see that blue/grey sweater in the basket!? That's another finished baby vest. I will post more pictures of it another day. 

Friday, June 10, 2011


This post is not related to sewing, quilting, or knitting, but I had to share this with you! I got new nail polish today, here are some of my collections. I love OPI the most. 

See! I told you, I love pink.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I hope you enjoy it as well! 

Monday, June 6, 2011


Many people complain about making up sweaters, seaming shoulders and hiding the ends. I find them okay, I don't mind them so much and think that I have mastered them all. However, I do not like the process of blocking the final piece. I just hate the smell! Is it just me? There is weird smell to wool when it's wet! I usually take my blocking block from one room to another so I clear out the "smell" in the room. Not to mention it takes forever to dry! I even used my hair dryer to try to speed up the drying process, but I don't think it made a difference at all...

Here is a picture of the blocking board I use. What do you use? 

Did you guess it right?! Yep, I am making more tommy baby vests! I find this pattern so easy; it's a good travel project. I made two, a pink one and a brown one. I have two recipients in mind :) 

I like these T-pins; I have used them so many times and they haven't tarnished. I hope they stay this way.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Mice Arrived in the Mail!

You know the feeling that there is going to be something good in the mail after weeks and weeks of waiting? That's how I felt yesterday when I came home from work. Of course, there was a big fat envelop in the mailbox, I knew that one was for me. I left everything else (aka the bills) in the mailbox for my husband and only grabbed what I thought was my mug rug. I WAS RIGHT!!

Tip #1: If you see a package from Canada with a red heart like this, you know it's something good!

G-A-S-P!! Is this cute or what?! Let me tell you this is not even the mug! 
This is just an "extra" matching hoop that my swap partner made me! She did a great job finishing the back of the hoop. I love it! I will take a picture of the back of the hoop to share with you next time. 

This is the mug; look at her logo! Right there! The mice, they represent her son and daughter. She is one creative quilter huh? 

I realize that I didn't take great pictures. I was in such a hurry to find a spot in my sewing center to hang this hoop, post on Flickr, thank my partner, etc.... I just didn't pay attention to my photos. Sorry! But you can visit her flickr page to see the wonderful pictures she took. Also, be sure to visit her blog

Thank you again Cinzia! I appreciate the time, thoughts and attention you put into this mug rug for me! :) 

Disclaimer: please forgive me for the number of "exclamation marks" used in this post, I just couldn't help it.