Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pumpkin Baby Hat

I made this little pumpkin hat for my little one's first Halloween a few weeks ago. This adorable hat is keeping her warm when we go to the park during the day. The name of the pattern is "Kid's Fruit Cap" published in Ann Norling. It was such a fast knit. You should use yarn that's machine washable, of course.

The strawberry version is super cute as well. I imagine her having this hat in every fruit possible...

Turkey, anyone?

I started this turkey quilt years ago but never got around to finishing it. This is the tutorial I used; it's very simple with a Dresden ruler and some scrap fabrics. I didn't love the way that particular turkey looked, so I sketched my own version, but it's similar to the design featured in the tutorial.

My husband, somehow, found the quilt top. He brought it to my attention and asked me if he can use it for Thanksgiving this week. I was so touched! It is an ordinary and unfinished quilt top! He thought it was very cute. Well then! I guess I will just have to finish it.

I was afraid people may not know it's a turkey, so I stamped a few letters there just in case! I like the way it came out. These pumpkin fabrics came in handy; I used it for the back. I like it so much I may make  something else with it.

This adorable turkey is now on the wall ready to greet our guests this week. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? We are having a big party!

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hidden Gem

Have you heard of the Makery in Los Altos? Have you visited this shop? If you haven't, then you are seriously missing out. I learned about this adorable place from Andrea, whom I met at this year's PIQF. Andrea: thank you for introducing me to this amazing shop! I am not quite sure how to describe this place; it's a retail shop for craft lovers and a DIY studio space for parties. They have everything a craft lover can dream of! Yarn, birthday goodies, fabrics, tools, everything -- you name it! The layout of the store makes this shop super fun; it has unique spaces for different crafts. For example, the room seen in the two pictures below is the "felt" room. Yes, that is just one of many rooms. I spent a long time at this shop.

That large area rug on the floor was made with felt balls!

 I spent a very long time looking at these felt balls. Who would have thought!? 

They carry everything you can think of for a birthday party. 

This is the cutting room for fabrics. 

That white basket you seen in the photo above was handmade with cotton pipping using a super large knitting needle. It will be a class offered through the Makery in the near future. I bought tons of felt balls and have plans to turn them into a trivet or some sort. I will be visiting this shop again and maybe host a party there!