Sunday, June 26, 2011

Floral iPad Cover

I got a white iPad 2 and a pink cover as my birthday present, so of course, I had to make a nice case for it. These are some of my favorite fabrics that I have been saving for the perfect project.

I think it's so perfect for the white/pink iPad.

So? What's do you think? Quite nice huh? 

The case is slightly bigger than it needs to be, but I think it's fine. 

For those of you who would like to make one, I used this tutorial. There are so many free tutorials online on how to make iPad cases, but I think I like this one the most. It was pretty easy to make. Give it a try. 

While I had my sewing machine out, I made my auntie a little knitting project bag. She loves making baby hats and always stores her knitting projects in a Ziploc bag. I think this owl one is way cuter! What do you think? I think she has made over 150 hats by now... she donates them to a local hospital nearby. I hope she likes it!

The purple ribbon doesn't quite go with the pattern here, but it's the only one I have handy.... oh well :)


Jennifer said...

Looks very pretty, I like how the fabric matches the screen cover

Maryse said...

Nice work! Hum, easy if you know how to sew ;-) Really nice fabric!

One Shabby Chick said...

The cover looks fantastic! Love the colors :-)

Dorothee said...

that's just super cute, love that pattern!

iPad Mini Sleeve said...

Absolutely gorgeous