Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dressing up my Garage

Today my husband came with me to Jo-Ann's fabrics store and let's just say he was yawning so much that he made me tired! He came with me so we can pick out fabric together to make a curtain to cover up this window in our garage. We decided on this cute elephant pattern. He wanted a piece with some boring strip, but I convinced him to go with this one! I put muslim on the back to soften up the look since people can see from outside. This was such a simple solution to dress up the window (only took me an hour!).

Here are some cumquats, oranges, and lemons that my mom and I picked out from our backyard today. I think we are going to make fruit tea!

These lemons are screaming lemonade at me!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Sewing Corner

I have never had a place where I could keep all of stuff together, and when I say stuff, I mean stuff... yarn, needles, color pencils, stamps, fabrics, threads, sewing machine... you name it! They were always hidden somewhere in one of the closets somewhere... But not anymore! My husband helped me designed a sewing center to store ALL of my most precious items :) This new room inspired me to clean up. Check out what I did with all of the left-over yarn that I can never figure out what to do with...

I also have jars for fabric and ribbons!!

 And of course, these bunnies were the first things I put on my sewing desk! I love looking at them every once in awhile :) These were designed by Anne at Bunny Hill, you can find her pattern here

 What is your sewing space like? Where do you keep all of your hobby stuff?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Not One, But Two!

I came across a cute crayon art carrying bag from Amy's blog, and realized that this is a popular pattern! I continue to read about it from several other blogs. There is a flickr's group for this particular projects. I was inspired to make two for two little girls that I know. They are sisters, and pink/purple are their favorite colors. Instead of using crayons, I got mini colored pencils. I know the photo quality isn't good. I took these photos with my Droid, gave these bags away, and then realize.... these pictures are horrible! Owell... you get the idea.

The pink one... I love those stickers!

Here is how it looks when it's closed.

Picture of the purple one (obviously!)

Love the bunnies!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Something Different

Those of you who know me know that I usually don't crochet. However, I wanted to try something different. My aunt inspired me to crochet hot pot holders and since then I have found a few good crocheting patterns online. Check out these apple coasters that I made!

well you know, apples are supposed to be in the orchard (aka my backyard).... sorry for the bad photo here, I guess my Droid camera isn't as good as I thought.

My craziness with crocheting went on and I also made these spirally scrubbies, not sure what I am going to do with them... but I guess I can say I enjoyed making them?

sponges, anyone? 

I am looking forward to learning how to crochet a pumpkin this week from a great crocheter! I can't wait :)