Friday, November 21, 2014

Slouchy Hat for Toddler Girls

The weather has gotten a lot colder in the area so my little one needs a few more hats to keep her little head warm.  Of course I jump on the chance to make them vs. buying store made ones.  I had a hard time coming up with anything cute through Ravelry, but found this adorable Amour Slouchy Hat through etsy.  It's a super easy pattern to follow; I finished the whole thing in one weekend!  I feel like I spent more time waiting for the hat to block than to knit it!

Ok.  Is she not the most adorable little girl in that hat?!

I blocked the hat using a small desert plate. 

I didn't end up making the ribbon flower that the pattern recommended.  I had a hard time creating the same look, so I ended up crocheting the flower.  I found a great video tutorial on Crafty Gemini.  I usually don't enjoy crocheting but this flower was so much fun! 

Oh I think we will be wearing this hat every chance we get! :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Amish Quilts

I have been fascinated by Amish quilts and spent a lot of time learning and searching for information about them. Apparently you can find Amish quilts mostly in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The San Jose Quilt Museum is doing a special exhibit: Antique Ohio Amish Quilts: The Darwin Bearley Collection. We stopped by this past weekend, and the quilts were simply beautiful. I imagine that the handwork must have taken many hours.

Unnamed Pattern "O" Quilt. There is a story behind this quilt; it's supposed to be 200 years old!

 This picture is a closeup of the hand quilting. 

Classic blue and red shown on the left. 

Special thanks to my sweet husband for accompanying me and watching our little toddler so I can take in all this beauty!

Quick Update

The weather is finally getting cooler around here, so I picked up my knitting again. The weather really has something to do with what I feel like working on. I finished making two items for a special recipient. I can't wait to see her wearing this cute hat. This holiday hat was super easy to make, and it was completed under one hour!

 Another "Highbury Vest" I made. Size made is newborn. I love the button used here.

 "Holiday Elf" hat for a newborn.

What have you been working on?!