Sunday, January 18, 2015

Socks, Socks, and More Socks!

I usually have a very hard time making socks because my gauge never seem to be right, and I just really don't want to make socks using size 00 needles!  I mean really!?  That's just crazy.

I found this Meilenweit 100 Fantasy sock yarn I had from years ago and just fell in love knitting socks!  I used size 1 needle (magic loop), and my gauge was perfect!  I really enjoy working with self striping yarn because they keep the project interesting.  The colors remind me of sorbet?  See for yourself.

It was so fun knitting this pair sock that I immediately casted on another pair!  I used Susan B Anderson's "How I make sock" free pattern.  64 stitches fit my feet perfect.  This yarn is TwistedLimone -- one word: LOVE.

I am almost done with the second one. 

I just realized how many sock yarns I have!  I guess I just always knew I had a thing for socks? :)

I see more handmade socks in the near future!

Do you enjoy knitting socks?  How do you wear them?