Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zakka Handmade - Part One

I am fascinated by the number of shops and studios in Taiwan that offer handmade items for sale or classes. Most of these classes are offered by authors who have written many books on items they make. I had the opportunity to take a few of those classes on my recent recent to Taiwan.

I made the pair of purple house slipper on the left. 

 This wonderful woman opened up her studio for me to learn from her!

This pair of shoes fit me perfectly and is machine-able and anti-slip! This instructor is extremely talented. Below are more photos of her studio and items she made.

 I love how she hangs her tools across the shelf.

 Fabrics nicely stacked.

 Coasters for students to use. 

Shoes she made for kids. The book shown is written by her.

 Quilts she made on display.

I adore this bag and wish I had more time to learn how to make it!

I highly recommend taking one of her classes if you are planning a visit to Taiwan in the near future!