Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunbonnet Sue - Sewing Bag

I LOVE Sunbonnet Sue, and I LOVE collecting magazines and books featuring her. Here is a picture of a little bag I hand quilted with Sunbonnet Sue. The applique was done using the freezer paper technique. Check out this helpful tutorial I found. 

I also made a lining to cover the stitches on the zipper inside the bag.

The other side... 

This entire bag was made with different types of Japanese Taupe fabrics imported from Japan directly (even the zipper!). I love using this bag to store my sewing tools. It's so perfect for my scissor, needles, thimbles, pencils, etc. when I travel! 

What's your favorite quilting character?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, You did an awesome job!
I too love Sunbonnet Sue.... so cute and charming!
I'm enjoying your blog, will catch up with it soon.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment
on mine :-)!

Nadja said...