Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cute Dress for a Little Girl

You know how sometimes you see something super cute and just feel like you have to make one too? Well, that happened to me this weekend. I was reading Fuzzy Cut's "Another Little Dress and a Big Race" post and fell in love with the little dress she made using Leila & Ben's pattern. I purchased the pattern on Monday, bought the fabric on Tuesday, and finished making it in just two hours tonight; that's what I called sewing on steroids! 

These colors should go well with the girl's complexion.
 These floral pattern and colors scream S P R I N G to me, too bad winter has arrived.

This dress was so unbelievably easy to make! I hope the recipient likes it. By the way, I really need to get some labels designed and made so I can put them on my finished products... Any recommendations?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress. If she is small enough now she should still be able to wear it come spring!