Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another Hand Quilted Finish

I am on a roll! I finished the Marmalade quilt that I started in September. This is scary because according to my blog posts, I started and finished this quilt in only one month! I machine pieced the top and hand quilted everything else. It was my first time attempting the scalloped edge, and I think it came out pretty good. It's not perfect, but I will live with it.

This quilt measures approximately 50" x 36".

I used one Marmalade charm pack, combined it with a white sashing, and finished it with a matching yellow border found at my LQS. And of course, I used Quilter's Dream Cotton 100% pure cotton batting. This photo quality is not great at all. I need a new camera to show off all of my beautiful stitches. Do you have recommendations for a good camera? I want one of those big and fancy kind that zooms in and out!

Beautiful scalloped edge.

I machined washed and dried this finished quilt. The crinkly look is just so perfect! My dog thinks so too. He refused to move from my quilt! Gotta love him :)

"Say what!? I am not moving!"

When binding for the scalloped edge, you need to cut on the bias -- this will allow the fabric to stretch and curve around the scalloped edge. I used this tutorial on how to do the cutting. Then I watched the tutorial by the Missouri Quilt Company on how to do the scalloped edge binding. I recommend both of them.


Karen said...

Wow! I'm slackin'.

Chez Roo said...

Your scalloped binding looks really great, and it gives a lovely sweet, vintage look. Re: cameras, this year I bought a Canon Rebel T3, I think it is one of the cheapest DSLRs on the market, but has really great reviews and I have been really happy with the quality. Now my photography skills are another story!

Maria said...

Your quilt looks beautiful and I love it with the scalloped binding.
Hubby bought me a camera a few months ago because I was using my cell phone and the photos were terrible. I have the Canon SX40HS. Takes really close up photos. Too close sometimes. I've often posted photos of my creations to my blog thinking they are fine only to see in the photos that a thread is sticking out here and there. LOL

Anonymous said...

YOur quilt is so beautiful yet so comfortable looking. I absolutely get why you dog is so comfortable with it. Unusual to get such beauty and comfort to go together

Maryse said...

Your quilt is so beautiful! I love the shape!