Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tiny Sweater

I am almost done knitting the Little Oak sweater by Alana Dakos. Although I was so excited to make this sweater, I did not enjoy making it at all. The instruction has ten different sizes available, and all that was jammed into three pages! Imagine a pattern with instructions for all ten sizes printed on so few pages! The pattern was extremely hard to read, and I had to redo many rows, which was very frustrating. This sweater was intended for a 6 month, but came out even smaller than that. I guess a teddy bear will be wearing it.

In addition, it wasn't very clear to me which size needle I was supposed to use; the instructions referred to "smaller needle" or "larger needle" throughout the pattern, and I simply lost track. I realized I should have used the "larger needle" right as I was finishing my very last row. No wonder my sweater came out so small. Darn it.

The leaf motifs are extremely beautiful, but I am not sure I will be making this pattern ever again. If I do, then it will definitely not be with sock weight yarn! What a pain!

Back of the sweater.

Although this sweater is way too small, I decided to finish making the button bands and sew some buttons on there. What do you think? Would you spend more time to finish it even if you knew this project is pretty much screwed?


Kristen said...

How disappointing. I love this sweater and I am glad to read your review. Will is fit a tiny baby? It still turned out very cute and love the color.

Anonymous said...

The sweater looks really beautiful. Sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted.If it is too small for a tiny baby I think a little girl would love to dress a doll or teddy bear in it.

Maryse said...

Are you sure it is too small? Still it is really pretty! I love this collection.