Monday, August 12, 2013

An Update

Okay, can I just tell you that I have been waiting to write a post for days!? Even just this morning when the little one was napping, I thought I am going to update my blog! Then of course, I realized there are probably more important things to be done... loads of laundry, dishes to be put away, bottles  to be washed and did I mention breakfast? Feeding and changing diapers in between.... o boy. Okay. Let me type fast before she wakes up screaming for milk!

I finished assembling the Little Red Schoolhouse quilt right before the little one arrived. I love how this quilt came out. I had five minutes this week to cut up the backing and sandwiched the quilt so hopefully I can get some hand quilting done in between chores and caring for my little one. She is so adorable, in case I haven't told you :)

Oh! Do you recall the Little Oak cardigan I made back in May? We put it on the little one last week when we went to dinner for the first time as a family. And oh my gosh, it was so cute on her! I think handmade garments are so much more beautiful than store bought ones. The photos I took were blurry (she kept moving!), but I will try to take a few more to show you!

Okay, must run now. Talk to you later!


Alli said...

Your little schoolhouse quilt is cute... but I'm really waiting to see pictures of your baby in her new cardigan! :)

Sue said...

Love your post. HOpe this gets thru!