Wednesday, September 18, 2013

So Grateful

Who says knitting and quilting are just "hobbies"? I have made life-long friends because of these hobbies of mine. The LO has received so many wonderful handmade items, which I still need to blog about. But for now, let me show you this beautiful quilt my friends hand quilted for my LO.

This was beautifully orchestrated by Marisa, and a total five "knitters" worked on it together. 

Did I mention this was entirely handmade?

A close-up of these tiny stitches. 

This quilt couldn't be more perfect. I LOVE the selection of the various taupe fabrics, the tiny hearts around the border, the hand quilting, the style, and just pretty much everything about it. The label on the back is even more amazing... 

Thank you, my friends. You are so wonderful.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Such talented friends.

Marisa said...

Wow! You did a blog post about it already! I'm super impressed. xoxoxoxo

Kristen said...

Agree, this is truly beautiful. I love their color choices.