Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hidden Gem

Have you heard of the Makery in Los Altos? Have you visited this shop? If you haven't, then you are seriously missing out. I learned about this adorable place from Andrea, whom I met at this year's PIQF. Andrea: thank you for introducing me to this amazing shop! I am not quite sure how to describe this place; it's a retail shop for craft lovers and a DIY studio space for parties. They have everything a craft lover can dream of! Yarn, birthday goodies, fabrics, tools, everything -- you name it! The layout of the store makes this shop super fun; it has unique spaces for different crafts. For example, the room seen in the two pictures below is the "felt" room. Yes, that is just one of many rooms. I spent a long time at this shop.

That large area rug on the floor was made with felt balls!

 I spent a very long time looking at these felt balls. Who would have thought!? 

They carry everything you can think of for a birthday party. 

This is the cutting room for fabrics. 

That white basket you seen in the photo above was handmade with cotton pipping using a super large knitting needle. It will be a class offered through the Makery in the near future. I bought tons of felt balls and have plans to turn them into a trivet or some sort. I will be visiting this shop again and maybe host a party there! 


Kristen said...

I love this store! Aren't we lucky to have this store in town? I am also going to do a post of it in a week or two.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of great place. So glad you can enjoy it!!

Alli said...

That's so coooool! I wish it was close to me! :)