Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Tunic Dress

My good friends and I went on a "field trip" about two weeks ago to "A Verb for Keeping Warm" in Oakland.  I seriously fell in love with that store as it's unlike any other stores I have been to.  They had sample garments on display in every size so you can try it out before purchasing the pattern and know exactly what size you need to make.  I went home with the "Summer Tunic Dress" pattern and some amazingly beautiful fabrics.

The Summer Tunic Dress was a bit harder than I expected.  It took me awhile to "fake" serge around all the seams.  I love the dress and the pattern, but some photos/diagrams would have helped.  I highly recommend this pattern and know that you love the finish project!

I added three inches to the pattern so that the dress is a bit longer.

 Beautiful V-neck and gatherings around the shoulders.

It even has two pockets!  They were so simple to make.  Love having pockets with my dress. 

I think I will be making a few more!


Maryse said...

What a nice summer dress! You must be very proud of wearing it! I know I would!

Alli said...

Your dress looks fabulous! I love those cute little shoulder gathers. You did a wonderful job! :)