Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fabric Shopping Spree - Tokyo and Taipei

Hello readers!  Happy New Year!  I haven't been very active here, have I?  Life has just been so busy, but that's not a good enough excuse.  I got a very nice note from a reader the other day, and she inspired me to write again -- thank you, Silvia!

I have been wanting to share with you the amazing trip my husband and my toddler went on October of 2015.  We went to Japan!  We actually did!  That was a dream come to true.  The entire trip was all about fabric.  I know, my husband is pretty awesome. 

Below is a list of fabric related places that we visited:

Yoko's Quilt Party Store: Yes, I had a private lesson with Yoko Saito!  I couldn't believe it either.  Her store was gorgeous, Yoko was so nice and patient, and they had a translator there the entire time to assist me.  

Yoko Saito's Store. 

My husband did all the navigating and searching.  
I knew we were at the right place when I saw this sign. 

Dream come true!  But don't ask me what I learned; I may need to refresh my memory :)

I was able to purchase several kits to make these projects.  
They even had instructions in English available.

Nippori Fabric Town
I have heard amazing things about visiting Nippori and the very famous Tomato.  We took the JR line and arrived about 45 minutes later.  The entire area was very quiet and my fear came true.  Most shops, including Tomato, were closed for some sort of holiday.  I was disappointed, but my husband simply looked at me and said "Well, guess we will have to come back again tomorrow!"  So we did, and I am so glad we did.  

 There isn't many sit-down restaurants at Nippori, so I suggest you grab lunch from the train station when you arrive. 

 I seriously can live off of this.  So delicious.

Best rice ball with red bean pasta. 

Just follow the signs. 

This was the first store we visited.  It carried so many Libery prints in small cuts.  I was in heaven.

 Most shops have even the tiniest scrap packaged so well. 

 Streets of Nippori. 

This is one of the Tomato store.  It had so many double gauze.  I purchased several kinds to make dresses for my daughter. 

Yuzawaya located on the 11th floor of Takashimaya department, which was just across from our hotel.  I can't tell you how many times I "stopped by" this store.  This particular store carried everything.

 The bottom row is by a famous Japanese designer.  I bought the entire collection. 

 These were my selections 30 minutes later...

They had yarn too!  I was way too distracted by all the fabric, a very bored husband, and a crying toddler that I couldn't focus on yarn!  

We also visited several other fabric stores, bookstores, and Mt. Fuji.  

 Yes... another fabric shop.  Okadaya.  They carry lots of Libery fabric. 

 Entire wall of Liberty fabric at Okadaya. 

 A small fabric shop near Lake Kwaguchiko, which had a small Indigo room. 

Mt. Fuji!  It was our lucky day :)

Prior to Japan, we also stopped by Taiwan.  While we were there, we also stopped by a few fabric places.  Com'on~!  Are you surprised!? 

I really enjoyed fabric shopping in Taiwan as well.  It really helped that I read this book in advance of the trip.  It suggested stores to shop at and that really make the experience more pleasant.  Many Japanese prints were more affordable in Taiwan than Japan. 

Special thanks to my darling husband for his love and patience for me to have this dream vacation.  It meant the world to me.  XOXO


Alli said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! I want to go on a fabric shopping spree in Japan, too! :D

Maryse said...

Wow! I'd love to visit Japan! So happy for you :). Seems to me like everything from Japan is so cute, organized, well packaged, etc.

Maryse said...

Wow! I'd love to visit Japan! So happy for you :). Seems to me like everything from Japan is so cute, organized, well packaged, etc.

Stacy said...

It's heaven! I can't wait to see all the fabrics you brought back!