Friday, December 4, 2009

So Cold Out!

It's getting so cold and I am wondering if it's time to take out my doggie's (Pomeranian) sweater? I made this sweater for him last year. Let me tell you, he is a spoiled one. I originally made this sweater with some cheap yarn and he REFUSED to wear it. It isn't until when I made another one with better yarn that he finally agreed to wearing it... at least for me to take a few pictures! I designed this sweater. Let me know if you are interested in the pattern. I LOVE my dog :)





Sharon said...

Love it, you are so talented, it's gorgeous!!!! Can you help me design a sweater for my bulldog??

kathleen said...

this is so cute! good job sue : )
I am definitely not talented enough to be making such things so I won't be asking for the pattern juust yet...
but good job!! and cuuuute dog ; )