Saturday, December 26, 2009

Greenwood Cabled Vest - Almost Done!

Ok, so I am a pretty fast knitter, but I also knit everywhere I go. Thank goodness for my lovely fiancee who makes dinner, cleans the place and basically does everything so I can just sit and knit. Thank you honey!

I purchased three skeins of the Cascade yarn and made this lovely cable vest for my mom. She has always wanted a vest like this (I don't know why). But appearantly, all of my aunties loved it. It's a pattern by Valley Yarns. This is the second Valley Yarns project that I have made. I love its yarns and patterns; I highly recommend it.

What a mess here!?

About to divid the two fronts.

All done! Well... almost!

I tried the Eucalan soap (lavender) today to wash it before blocking. It was my first time washing it and I am so pleased with it. No rinse needed and it was not soapy at all. The water was so dirty and it smelled like... yarn? You know? I am so glad I washed it. I had no idea how dirty it was from just... knitting it! Anyways, it's currently being blocked on the blocking board.

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kathleen said...

gorgeous!! good job Sue : )