Saturday, March 26, 2011

Braided Girl Baby Sweater

Do you try to squeeze in time just to visit a new quilting or knitting shop when you go on trips? I do! Every time I travel somewhere new, I must stop by a quilting or knitting shop. I enjoy seeing different things displayed at these stores; I find them inspiring. And of course, when I find something unique, I buy it!

During one of my trips I found the cutest little knitting shop and saw a baby sweater unlike anything I have ever seen. It turned out it was a baby sweater that the shop owner's grandma made her when she was a baby! How about that?! I kept asking her for the pattern and eventually she found a copy of it. Wv both couldn't find the name of the pattern; it was a very old leaflet that she pulled out of a big binder full of "stuff!"

I still have to make the braids for this girl.

I think the instructions were a bit off. 
This was meant for a 6 month old, but it's so big I swear a four year old could wear it! 

I finish the back piece as well. 

Cute right? One problem.... I ran out of yarn :( 


Maryse said...

That's a great story how you visited a store on a trip and the little sweater from the store owner's grandmother! I was in Toronto last week and wanted to attend a Stitch n' Bitch but it was snowing all day so I figured no one would show up... That will be for another time. I hope you find some more yarn to finish this nice little sweater. Have a nice Sunday!

Dorothee said...

SO cute, I wanna see it completed! I went on a cheaper yarn shopping spree this weekend.... all about washcloths and potholders these days... mostly thanks to your post!
miss you!