Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hand Quilted American Jane

I finished making the American Jane Happy Camper quilt! I pieced the top earlier this year with one pack of triangle charms, but was disappointed at how small the quilt was, so I tucked it away somewhere. However, when I got my Hinterberg quilting hoop, I needed a hand quilting project, and that's when I decided to add some borders to this quilt to make it bigger. My local quilting store doesn't carry this line, but we did what we could to match it as best as we can. I love the way this came out!

I love this "Happy Camper" line by American Jane. 

This quilt measures approximately 40"x40" and was entirely hand quilted!

Absolutely love this quilt!

My favorite parts of quilting are making the binder and putting the finished quilt through the washer for the first time. I love the way hand quilted quilts feel like after coming out of the washer. It's so soft and vintage looking. I used two sheets of color catcher since there is quite a bit of red in this quilt; I was afraid it may bleed. 

 Here is a photo of the hand quilted feather pattern I used in the border. 

I absolutely enjoyed hand quilting on my new Hinterberg quilting hoop. I already have my next quilt planned out for another hand quilting project.


Katie said...

Sue, it's just gorgeous! I love my Hinterberg hoop, I should pull it out and make use of it. I'm sure I can come up with a fall project.....

Anonymous said...

I love the border. It adds so much to the quilt. Just beautiful!!!

Maryse said...

I also think it really is beautiful! The border is perfect!