Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tiny Little Hexagons

I have been in the mood for small projects that are portable. I decided to cut up my one inch strip of 80's reproduction fabric so I can turn them into little hexagons. I got a cute little paper box from a local Japanese dollar store called "Daiso." Do you have one in your area? I can spend hours in that store.

Tiny little hexagons. 

These hexagons are no bigger than a penny! They are so tiny to work with, but I love them. Pay attention to my needle holder on the right of the image. I hate pin cushions with a passion. I find them bulky and impractical. I know, I am weird. So I found this little magnet and taped it onto the side of my hexagon box. When I am not using the needle, I just place it onto the magnet. That's it! I have a magnet on each side of the box. 

I have also been super into amigurumi. Have you heard of them? They are basically crocheted little animals that originated in Japan. If you have been a reader of my blog, then you would know I don't usually crochet. However, I have been learning since I find these amigurumi so cute! I finished crocheting all the body parts of this tiny bear. I will be cursing while I assemble them into this cute little creature over the weekend. I simply dislike seaming! If you have a trick, then please let me know. 


Alli said...

Your hexies are so cute! I can't believe you made so many super tiny ones! Your little sewing box is adorable, too. :)

That bear you're crocheting is crazy adorable. I hate crochet seaming, too, and I don't think I have any tricks to share. Sorry!

Maryse said...

That has to require the biggest patience in the world! Happy New Year Susan!

cinzia said...

Love your hexies and your magnet needle holder idea!! So smart. I will try it.