Thursday, August 14, 2014

English Paper Piecing

I think I have caught the English Paper Piecing (i.e. EPP) bug again after picking up "Quilting on the Go" by Jessica at my local bookstore.  I started a few projects last year and blogged about how I organize my projects here.  I love that it's super portable, grows quickly, and is the perfect project when I have a "few minutes" to sew something.  It's just hard to find hours at a time when I can sit down and make a quilt.  EPP is just the perfect project for everyone.  Please check it out and give it a try if you haven't.

I am super into the 60 degree diamonds and hexagons.  I made a bunch of tiny (3/8") hexagons and are turning them into a mini quilt -- more on this later, but check out what I have got so far with my diamonds.

I am using my 30's reproduction fabrics simply because it's a great way to feature all these tiny prints, and I have tons of it!  What do you think of that "ABC" print?  I am running out of it!  Does anyone know the name of it so I can order more?  If you do decide to try EPP, please make sure you purchase enough fabric!


Blue Moth said...

These diamonds look great - I love the colours in those prints.

Katie Cogswell said...

This is beautiful.

Alli said...

Ooh, that's gorgeous! You're an especially fast hand sewer though, I think, cause *my* epp projects sure don't grow quickly... :D