Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tiny, Little Hexagons

Back in the days when I had a lot more "free" time, I worked on these tiny little hexagons.  They are only 3/8" -- that's pretty small.  I had enough for a small wall hanging and that's fine by me.  No way was I going to make a large quilt out of this!

The quilt was too small for me to attach onto a quilting hoop so I added some scrap fabric to all four sides temporarily.

Enlarging my quilt was a great idea -- I will try this again in the future. 

Each hexagon is smaller than a penny!

I hand quilted this piece and absolutely love the way it came out. 

These were made with 30s fabrics that I purchased from PIQF last year.  They are one inch strips, which were perfect for this tiny project.  I have more ideas on how to use these one inch strips!


Alli said...

That's ADORABLE! I can't believe those little hexies are so tiny -- I would have been fidgety out of my mind putting them together! Yayyyy, you! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this piece!