Friday, December 19, 2014

Knitting Bug

It must be December because I have been knitting nonstop.  I go through phases every year;  I am either super into quilting or knitting.  I think the weather has something to do with it.  I recently came across this "50 Yards of Fun, Knitting Toys from Scrap Yarn" book by Rebecca Danger.  It's perfect for scrap yarn we all have around the house.  I love how these projects are so small so you get this instant gratification and that they are portable.  I bought two copies: one to keep and one for our annual white elephant.  There is something special about carrying my basket of scrap yarn and making good use of them.

 Here is a little monkey I finished. 

Love this fish on my friend's Christmas tree :)

I have also started a robot that I was hoping to gift along with the fish, but it's missing two legs.  I am also knitting another mama and baby monster, and I picked up my sock project as well.  We will see how much knitting I get done!

Happy Holidays to all of you, and thank you for visiting my blog!

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Alli said...

Your knitting is adorable, as always! I love that little monkey! :)