Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Monsters

I picked up some yarn this past weekend from Jo-Anne Fabrics and thought the colors would be perfect for Momma and Baby Monsters by Rebecca Danger. I really like the yellow and pink together; I have a recipient in mind. I really enjoyed working with this yarn; it's Red Heart - Stitch Nation (Full O' Sheep). It was about $4.50/ball of yarn, I thought that was a good deal for this toy I am making.

Colors shown here are peony (I love this color) and honeycomb. Aren't they so pretty together!?

My husband and I had breakfast in our beautiful backyard this morning, and I was able to knit for a bit. Check out how much progress I have made in just one morning! Stay tuned, I have a feeling it will only take me a few more days to finish these little monsters!


Marisa said...

Wow. Adorable. Missing you and missing time to knit!!

Susan said...

Hi Marisa, these are so fun to make! I just love the colors :) I think Dex will love it if you made him one... :) Can't wait for the next knit night!

Maryse said...

I'll stay tune for sure! I predict that it will be amazingly cute!