Friday, November 12, 2010

My Favorite Cardigan

It's Friday and I get to work from home! I don't know who came up with that rule, but I like it. I was going through my closet today and realized that I never took pictures of my Favorite Cardigan sweater by Knit and Tonic that I made earlier this year. You can find this pattern in the Custom Knits book by Wendy. I find her designs very easy to follow and this particular sweater was a piece of cake! It's the first sweater that I have made that actually fits me! O the frustrations of finding out that the frigging sweater doesn't fit after hours of hard work definitely didn't happen with this one! So given I was working from home, I had salad with my mom at Whole Foods and requested that she takes pictures of me wearing it!

 Say hello to my beautiful cardigan! I am so proud of it :) 

 Side view

Close up of the collar

I still can't believe a sweater I made actually fits me! Wow.... By the way, my mom said my face is as big as the pumpkin. Gotta love my mom!


Marisa said...

Oh you are so beautiful. That sweater is just perfect. Your mom is so funny. All I see is my supermodel-speedknitter-friend! Xoxo

Maryse said...

Congratulations! I still dream of the day when I will make a sweater that fits me like this one fits you. I just finished Thermal and I'm think of redoing the sleeves, but I'm not sure. Great blog as well!

Tammy said...

That is a beautiful sweater! I still haven't made a sweater for myself (or anyone else! LOL).

Bumpkin Bears said...

That is just totally gorgeous, I am currently looking for a good cardigan knitting pattern that will fit me too! The cable pattern is fantastic, you did a great job and quite right to feel very proud :) Thanks for your kind words on my Blog and in answer to your questions yes I draw all my illustrations, including those on my Calendar. Have a great weekend, hugs Catherine x

Amybel said...

Your sweater is great. Perfect fit, perfect color.

The Litter Box House said...

That sweater is lovely on you!

Selkie on Ravelry

be*mused jan said...

What a beautiful sweater! You're right, it's a perfect fit. I've drifted away from knitting over the last year or two but I'm going to check out this book!