Friday, January 21, 2011

Not One, But Two!

I came across a cute crayon art carrying bag from Amy's blog, and realized that this is a popular pattern! I continue to read about it from several other blogs. There is a flickr's group for this particular projects. I was inspired to make two for two little girls that I know. They are sisters, and pink/purple are their favorite colors. Instead of using crayons, I got mini colored pencils. I know the photo quality isn't good. I took these photos with my Droid, gave these bags away, and then realize.... these pictures are horrible! Owell... you get the idea.

The pink one... I love those stickers!

Here is how it looks when it's closed.

Picture of the purple one (obviously!)

Love the bunnies!


Maryse said...

It's really cute! Looks like needles would fit in there too! Have a great weekend!

Sharon said...

These are so neat! Love it!