Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dressing up my Garage

Today my husband came with me to Jo-Ann's fabrics store and let's just say he was yawning so much that he made me tired! He came with me so we can pick out fabric together to make a curtain to cover up this window in our garage. We decided on this cute elephant pattern. He wanted a piece with some boring strip, but I convinced him to go with this one! I put muslim on the back to soften up the look since people can see from outside. This was such a simple solution to dress up the window (only took me an hour!).

Here are some cumquats, oranges, and lemons that my mom and I picked out from our backyard today. I think we are going to make fruit tea!

These lemons are screaming lemonade at me!!


Maryse said...

I love those curtains, great choice! When I look outside, I see lots of snow. When I look at your blog I see oranges and lemons pickup from your backyard! We must be living at different latitudes ;-)

Katie said...

Your garage curtains are so cute! I love the elephants :-)

Christina said...

It's good to be handy with a needle isn't it? Especially when you can transform a window with cute fabric like that!

Hmmmm, cold fruit tea on a hot day like today would be delicious.


Dorothee said...

Those curtains are so you! Every time I see an elephant motif I think of the little project bags you gave us a couple of years ago... I use it all the time, just adorable.
Great idea for your garage... Next time I'm over, you'll have to show me :)