Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hand Quilting

Ever since my friend Marisa showed me how to hand quilt, I haven't quilted using my sewing machine. Remember the 2222 Bee Knees fabric I got from this year's PIQF? I turned them into this lap quilt and I am stitching away! There is something about the outcome of hand quilt, it's just so lovely!

Can't quilt without this hoop! I am about 50% done.

Look at my stitches!!


Siga said...

I'm also all for hand quilting. And I actually love that process. This is the part that I'm looking forward to when sewing all the bits together. Lovely colours, btw.

Dolly said...

Oh, you were a GOOD student !
Those are beautiful tiny stitches, and I'm so tickled to hear of someone giving up the machine for hand-quilting.
I'm 53 and I'm going the OTHER way ! I love the look of hand-quilting, there's nothing like it, but after 20+years of it, I'm ready for some quick-finished free-motioned quilts.