Monday, June 6, 2011


Many people complain about making up sweaters, seaming shoulders and hiding the ends. I find them okay, I don't mind them so much and think that I have mastered them all. However, I do not like the process of blocking the final piece. I just hate the smell! Is it just me? There is weird smell to wool when it's wet! I usually take my blocking block from one room to another so I clear out the "smell" in the room. Not to mention it takes forever to dry! I even used my hair dryer to try to speed up the drying process, but I don't think it made a difference at all...

Here is a picture of the blocking board I use. What do you use? 

Did you guess it right?! Yep, I am making more tommy baby vests! I find this pattern so easy; it's a good travel project. I made two, a pink one and a brown one. I have two recipients in mind :) 

I like these T-pins; I have used them so many times and they haven't tarnished. I hope they stay this way.

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Maryse said...

The finishing part (blocking, sewing and weaving in ends) definitely are not my favorite parts of knitting! When I washed my Thermal, I too thought it smelled kind of weird and the size changed (which is a lot worse I think!!!) By now it must be dry though, I'm so late in my blog reading!!! Enjoy the finishing process! I look forward to seeing the final result!