Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Mice Arrived in the Mail!

You know the feeling that there is going to be something good in the mail after weeks and weeks of waiting? That's how I felt yesterday when I came home from work. Of course, there was a big fat envelop in the mailbox, I knew that one was for me. I left everything else (aka the bills) in the mailbox for my husband and only grabbed what I thought was my mug rug. I WAS RIGHT!!

Tip #1: If you see a package from Canada with a red heart like this, you know it's something good!

G-A-S-P!! Is this cute or what?! Let me tell you this is not even the mug! 
This is just an "extra" matching hoop that my swap partner made me! She did a great job finishing the back of the hoop. I love it! I will take a picture of the back of the hoop to share with you next time. 

This is the mug; look at her logo! Right there! The mice, they represent her son and daughter. She is one creative quilter huh? 

I realize that I didn't take great pictures. I was in such a hurry to find a spot in my sewing center to hang this hoop, post on Flickr, thank my partner, etc.... I just didn't pay attention to my photos. Sorry! But you can visit her flickr page to see the wonderful pictures she took. Also, be sure to visit her blog

Thank you again Cinzia! I appreciate the time, thoughts and attention you put into this mug rug for me! :) 

Disclaimer: please forgive me for the number of "exclamation marks" used in this post, I just couldn't help it.


Dorothee said...

That is really sweet!

cinzia allocca said...

Oh Sue, I'm so glad that the little package made you so happy! That's why i like make things. for reactions like yours!!