Monday, August 15, 2011

Live Oak Shawlette

My husband and I had brunch at Stack's in Campbell this weekend; the spinach and cheese omelette I ordered was simply delicious. I liked that restaurant so much I am definitely going back very soon! Apparently the entire downtown was turned into a farmers' market, which we enjoyed. We picked up these beautiful flowers from the market.

Dahlias - my favorite

Given we were in Campbell, I had to visit Green Planet Yarn! Ok, maybe I had the entire day planned around the yarn shop, but still... I came across this beautiful Live Oak Shawlette. This pattern is available in the latest issue of the KnitScence (Fall 2011) magazine. I purchased MadelineTosh sock yarn that the pattern called for; this yarn is hand-dyed and made of 100% superwash merino wool.

I am so excited to start this project!

I have very few unfinished knitting projects, and three of them are shawls of some sort. I hope this pattern is easy enough for me to finally finish a shawl and doesn't become another "unfinished projects!" 


Dolores said...

I love the colour you bought!


Maryse said...

Aren't flowers a miracle of life! I love them! And well, your Madelintosh yarn is not bad either ;-) It should be so much fun to knit with it! I'm sure this will be an FO before you know it!!!