Friday, August 12, 2011

More Hand Quilting

Gosh, thank goodness it's Friday; it has been a long and tough week. Not sure why, maybe the stock market just made everyone super stressed? I am looking forward to two days of relaxation. 

I started a baby quilt about a year ago for my nephew. At that time, he was super into trains, cars, and airplanes (I think he still is), so I designed a quilt with his favorite things. Somehow the joy of finishing a queen size quilt for my mom really got me into the mood for more hand quilting. I am about 80% done hand quilting it using these super cute circular patterns! I have the perfect binding fabric selected as well. 

What's a baby quilt without apple trees, right!? 

By the way, the quilt I finished last weekend for my mom went through the washer and dryer with no problem! I actually love the way it looks after it's washed and dried. It shrank about 3" on each side, but don't you worry, it's not that noticeable! 

Maybe I can finish this quilt this weekend? What are your plans? 


Lisa said...

Three inches!! The reds and blues are very pretty.
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

The colors are great. Love the apples. Lucky nephew!! Sue L.

Maryse said...

Thank God the journey of your queen sized quilt in the washer and dryer turned out well... Your nephew's quilt looks really cute! Did you finish it?

cinzia said...

yes, hand quilting is enjoyable for me too. super job on the quilt so far!