Monday, November 7, 2011

Mittens for the Cold Winter

My aunt inspired me to make these mittens. She started making them, and of course, we all know knitting is contagious. These knit up so fast and are so practical, I love how they keep my fingers warm in the cold and rainy winter. I have to make my mom a pair as well for when she walks the dog.

Side view of the mittens. By the way, do you like my new nail polish? Not sure if this picture is about the mittens or the nail polish! 

Top view of the mittens.

OK, you caught me.... there is nothing in the cup! LOL

Have you been to Fresh & Easy? It's a new chain of grocery stores that sell fresh prepared meals with no artificial colors, flavors and those things that are bad for you. Everything was washed and packaged to make cooking super easy. This place was surprisingly affordable as well! The cranberry orange scone shown in the picture above was purchased from Fresh & Easy. So excited to discover a new grocery store in the neighborhood! 


Kristen said...

Hi Sue

I love these mittens and have yarn earmarked for mittens, maybe this pattern will work with my yarn. I also love your photos with the pretty manicure!

I haven't tried or heard of Fresh and Easy. There is one in Sunnyvale that I think I'll try. I went on the website and they said they are opening one in Palo Alto soon.

Maryse said...

They look very cozy! They must have been quick and fun to knit! Glad to see you are still knitting, hi hi... but the last quilt you showed us is so awesome, you are forgiven ;-)