Sunday, June 17, 2012

Carving My Own Stamps

I have noticed many bloggers out there making their own stamps. That inspired me to give it a try as well. I order the Speedball Carving Tool and a carving block from Amazon. As soon as they arrived at my door, I started carving away.

I started with a simple heart.

Then proceeded to carve a block after my house! Turned out quite cute :) 

The hardest part of carving my own stamps was figuring out how to assemble the Speedball tool! It didn't come with any sort of instructions, and the instructions were also not available online! Anyways, after cursing a bit and messing with it for a few minutes, I figured it out. 

You want to place the blade "in between" these two parts! Who would have thought... 

It has been so hot in the Bay Area. The temperature was above 100° yesterday! That almost never happens here. But of course, today is when I decide to use the oven to bake Kale Chips. I used sea salt, vinegar, and Parmesan cheese. They came out quite tasty!

Lately, I have been fascinated and spending a lot of time researching how to crochet and knit toys. I decided to make another Elijah, but he is wearing a stripy sweater this time. He is coming together quite nicely. I ran out of cotton stuffing and plan to get more today.

I hope you are staying indoor and avoiding the crazy heat! Have a great rest of the weekend.


Maryse said...

We too did get a wonderful weekend (actually, from Wednesday til now!)... I love your little carved house! How fun!

Marisa said...

Wow. Can you make one of my house? I want to learn! Adorable !!

Karen said...

How fun! I have been meaning to carve some stamps. Have you read Geninne's blog? I don't know if this would have helped with assembly, though.

Sharon Troia said...

Your house turned out so adorable!! Great job!!!

Katie said...

How cute are those stamps?! I so want to carve my house into a stamp! Awesome.