Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet George

I think I mentioned awhile back that I have been super into knitting toys. To satisfy my recent obsession, I decided to make another Elijah. This particular pattern by Ysolda is easy to read and requires zero seaming. Yes! Z-E-R-O! Given I have already made this once before, I decided to modify it this time so it's wearing a stripy sweater.

George and his peanuts!

I know exactly where I am going to put George. I am expecting my new Studio Wall Shelf in white from Pottery Barn to arrive. I plan to place the shelf in my sewing corner for me to display baskets of beautiful yarn and all these little handmade items. George will definitely have a prime spot!

Should I make him a sailor hat?

If you are interested in making Elijah, here are some helpful tips for you: 
  1. 1. To create a stripy sweater, repeat knit three rows and purl three rows. To make the collar and the hem of the sweater and sleeves, I knit one row in one color (i.e. blue), and purl two rows in the same color (i.e. still blue). 
  2. A video on how to do "M1R, M1L"
  3. A video on how to do "w+t" for the ears.
  4. A video on how to do crafting to finish off the ears.


Anonymous said...

He is SO cute!! I love his sweater.

Sharon Troia said...

I love what you did with the sweater, he is adorable!

Maryse said...

It is so cute in blue and with this little sweater! I don't think it needs a hat, unless you really want to make him one ;-)

Karen said...

Really cute! I vote for a sailor hat!