Thursday, June 7, 2012

Circle of Geese

I have a long list of sewing and knitting projects that I keep track of. However, seeing projects featured on different blogs always change what I want to work on next! For example, I came across this beautiful Circle of Geese quilt on Claire's website and just had to try it. Forget everything else on my list! I used this tutorial from The Sometime Crafter's blog. She even has a free PDF for you to download. I followed everything to a T, and my Circle of Geese came out perfect!

I had solid fabric scraps handy. The quilt came out perfect. 

Here is how I do my binding, which may be my favorite part of quilting.

This is my second project with paper piecing. I find it very interesting and enjoyable.

Remember the Japanese fabrics I ordered awhile back? I got them today! Yay! I loved going through all these fabrics. I guess it's what Christmas mornings feel like!? I need to think of a way to store these pieces. I am seriously running out of storage space around here. I also got my first set of Liberty London fabrics. They are so beautiful and soft. I have no idea what I am going to make with them, but it will be something special for sure.


Jessica Oliveto said...

I love the solid flying geese quilt, that is on my list of future projects!

Binding and quilting are my least favorite things to do with a quilt, isn't that terrible?

Kristen said...

Whenever I see your beautiful posts on quilting and fabrics I remember how much I love quilting and do miss it. Very pretty.

Karen said...

Beautiful job!

Maryse said...

Lovely new fabtic! Nice new quilt!