Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stamps, Brads, Oh Goodness!

I attended the annual scrapbook EXPO this weekend in Santa Clara and spent a good few hours there. It's always fun to attend these events filled with booth after booth of whimsical stamps, innovative tools, beautiful scrapbook papers, ribbons, buttons... the list goes on! The best part of it was getting to see how creative people are; their creativity inspires me. There were many fun "make and take" workshops. I was super into scrapbook years ago. I wish you could see how beautiful my scrapbook was.

Check out these tiny brads I purchased. They are the size of penny! Aren't those mixers and measuring cups darling!? I can see them on party invitations. And these farm animals? Too cute! I love the pink pigs. I love pigs. My dad always calls me "mini pig," and I love it!

I also scored these stamps. I plan to use them on cards and fabrics. We will see how they turn out. 

My husband and I went on a date over the weekend and saw "The Dark Knight Rises." Have you seen it? Goodness, it's so good! Three hours just flew by, and I didn't even realize it. Action packed, good storyline, full of surprises, Anne Hethaway, and that hot batman costume... now that's one good movie!  

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Maryse said...

I agree that the little brads are super cute! I've never tried scrapbooking but I think it is so beautiful! You really are crafty ;-)