Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hand Quilted i-Spy Quilt

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been working on an i-spy quilt for my daughter.  This quilt was super fun and easy to put together.  Instead of adding sashing to each block, it was done with the disappearing nine-patch method following "Self-Sashing Disappearing 9-Patch" pattern by "Quilter by Night Designs." 

Grey and pink were the two colors I decided to use, and I think it was a good decision.  I usually spray baste and needle baste my quilts before hand quilting them.  I made the mistake of not thread batting it "enough" this time so it was a bit hard to quilt at times.  I used "Quilters Dream Cotton" 100% pure cotton batting.  It's great to hand quilt with it.  I broke at least ten quilting needles working on this project.  I don't recommend Roxanne's in-between needles.  I also had a hard time with my go-to thimble -- I wonder why?  Does anyone have a good thimble you would recommend?

 Love pigs, so had to use this piggy fabric for the back.

This quilt is all washed, dried and being used by the little one as we speak :)


Maryse said...

What a nice quilt! Although I didn't understand most of the post :-) Great fabrics!

Alli said...

Your quilt is adorable! And what a neat way to avoid having to add sashing!

What thimble do you normally use? After having tried leather and coin thimbles, I got a thimble lady cone thimble (, which I really like. I use it with a thumb thimble and a needle puller all on the same hand, so I feel like Edward Scissorshands. :D

Oh, I almost forgot to say: the piggies are so cute!