Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quilted Baby Vest

The weather has gotten a lot cooler here in the Bay Area.  I was inspired to make a light little vest for my little one.  I love vests because they go on and off so easily!  I used Quilters Dream Wool batting instead of my usual batting.  I did some research and apparently this light wool can keep you very warm. 

I made this vest with no patterns or instructions!  I am quite proud :) 

I attached a few snaps to the front.  Loving this ABC fabric my husband picked up for me from Japan. 

While I was taking photos of this new vest, I took some good photos of the i-spy quilt to show you again!

 Can you see the quilting?  Looks pretty good to me! 

 I even made a mini version for my little one's doll.  Each square measures 2"x2".

Have a great Halloween, everyone!


Alli said...

You did such a good job on her vest! She must be super cozy in it. I can't believe she's walking already... Where did the time go?!

Maryse said...

How adorable! And the little quilt too :-) Your daughter looks so grown up!