Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kleenex, Anyone?

I have several Japanese books that are translated to Chinese, which I can read.  One of which, "35 Bag 20 Daily Goods & Interior," has tons of cute things you can make for your house.  I fell in love with the quilted Kleenex box cover and started working on this project years ago.  Not sure why it took me so long, but it's finally completed!  I love all the Japanese taupe fabrics I selected for this.   The hand quilting really makes this piece "pop" and if you only could feel the texture.  Oh I am in love!

The pattern calls for Velcro for the closure on top, but I decided to use snaps instead.

 The other side of the cover.  The red checkerboard print is my favorite. 

Each side also has these flowers.  They were so tiny and difficult to make, but totally worth the time. 

The hardest part of this project was finding the world's smallest Kleenex box!  This is probably the standard size in Japan, but not here!  I ended up purchasing these small Kleenex box from Staples.  Who would have thought!  

Alright sneezing season.  We are ready for you!  Kleenex, anyone?! 

By the way, I stopped by PIQF today, and it was awesome.  I visited my usual booths, but purchased a lot more children related books, patterns, and fabrics.  More on that next time.


Maryse said...

What a nice Kleenex box!

Karen said...

How cute! Your applique work looks really nice.

Alli said...

That's super super adorable! I loooove the hand quilting! And now that you've found a tiny kleenex box to put inside of it, you can just keep refilling it from normal boxes. :>