Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Runner Sew Along - All Done

Take a look! I am all done! Here is the table runner I designed for the Stumbles & Stitches Spring Table Runner Sew Along. The requirements for this sew along are listed below:

1) Celebrate Spring
2) Be inspired by Rashida's runner in at least one way: the pattern, the linen, the zigzag, the tricolor theme, the vintage fabric.... 

100% handmade and hand quilted. 

The bunnies and squirrels have been so busy running in our backyard; my husband and I think that there is always something new happening in our yard this time of the year, such as a new flower blooming or new leaves budding. So I thought what better way to introduce spring than to bring these flowers onto our dining room table? I made this runner with linen, of course. It was my first time working with linen, and I must say... linen is not easy to work with! It moved around so much and was so stretchy! I ironed a medium weight interfacing to it, and it helped significantly. 

Close-up of the table runner.  

Had to include a ladybug here!

This was my first sew along, and I totally enjoyed it. I have also posted this photo in the Flickr Pool. Be sure to stop by on Wednesday, April 20 to vote for my table runner! 


Jenny said...

This is so creative, I love the applique! Great job!!

Shanghai Lumpia said...

WOW!!! I like it :)

Susan said...

Thanks ladies! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of many more beautiful table runners on Flickr! :)

Dorothee said...

I think it looks fantastic, you're so talented! I really hope you win, I sure voted for you! :)