Monday, September 19, 2011

I am Back!

Wow, what a trip! I spent the last week in Taiwan with family and had the chance to visit three quilting stores in Taipei. Although I was in Taiwan for only a week or so, I feel like I was gone for an entire month. I really enjoyed my visits to the quilting stores and many of those stores had items imported from Japan. Here are some pictures of fabric I "acquired" aboard.

 Purchased these from three different stores, but love how they go together. I am thinking to make a lining for a bread basket using that strawberry fabric with lace around the edge?

Cute and random fabric that I liked.

Absolutely love this fabric with maps, histories, and phone booths of London!

Storefront of Patchwork Garden in Taipei.

 Taipei 101 - world's tallest building until 2010.

I also purchased tons of Japanese quilting books in Chinese, I am so thrilled that I will be able to read those! I will do another post just on those books. It feels good to be back home :)

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Shanghai Lumpia said...

Welcome home! How was your trip?