Friday, September 9, 2011

Quilted Diamond Vest

You guessed it.... I started another project; it's called the "Quilted Diamond Vest." This will be my first knitting project working with zippers. I ordered five balls of Valley Yarn Berkshire from WEBS. I ordered five balls, instead of four, because I am afraid of running out of yarn. This was my second time ordering from WEBS. It came two days after I placed the order, and as always, I was very satisfied with the quality of the yarn. 

These diamond patterns are addicting...

I took this picture last week, so by now, I already have 10 rows of these diamonds made. I am now ready for the arm hole decrease, can't wait to have the back piece completed. 

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Marisa said...

Wow, it's going to be done before I see you next!