Friday, September 23, 2011

More Goodies from Taiwan

One of the many things I love about quilting stores in Taiwan is their pre-made project kit. They go through the trouble of cutting up fabrics and assembling everything you need to make something. Of course, I got a few of those.

Super cute bunny bag

It has everything I need. See that cute heart zipper!?
Every time I visit Taiwan, I have to bring back Japanese books because they are actually translated to Chinese, and I can read Chinese!!

Ah, finally! Yoko Saito's Patchwork Lessons 1 & 2 in Chinese!

More books.

I almost got a copy of this "ABC Patchwork Lesson" by Kumiko Fujita here in the US. Thank goodness I didn't because the one I purchased from Taiwan is way cheaper and is in Chinese!

I swear I can buy up the entire section on quilting and many other crafts if I have the luggage space, these books take up a lot of space and are quite heavy. Until next time.... thanks, Taiwan, for a wonderful trip! :)

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