Friday, February 24, 2012

Stitches West 2012

Wow! What a fantastic day visiting Stitches West and scoring tons of goodies today! As usual, Stitches doesn't disappoint. I didn't take any class this year because I have learned that I have issues remembering what I learn from these classes. I usually have a great time during the class, but as soon as I walk away, I forget everything!? Oops....

Susan wearing Ysolda's hat + Ysolda at Stitches West. 

The highlight from today's visit was meeting Ysolda of Whimsical Little Knits and Alana of Coastal Knits. They were both so nice and patient; they not only signed my books but also had photos taken with me! I have heard so much about Coast Knits and cannot wait to make projects from this book. My friend, Kristen, has made almost every single project from this book. You must check out her blog. She is an amazing knitter.
 Coastal Knits

Other goodies from the show: 
  • I bought 12 balls of Aventica yarn to make gorgeous knit wear. This yarn is made of Acrylic and New Wool; it's extremely soft but holds up well. The pattern is called "Ladies' Vest" from Inspiration. Being able to see the actual finished project hung in the booth is a wonderful thing!
  • See that adorable blue giraffe project bag? You pull your yarn through that opening, and it prevents yarn from being tangled up in your purse. I love this simple idea. I met the founder, Lori; I think she is a genius. I can't wait to carry my sock project in this bag!
  •  I found these tiny Clover circular needles, which are perfect for socks! I dislike working with three or four dpns for socks, so this tiny circular needle is just so perfect! The shop owner did mention that it can be hard for people with large hands, so let's see how this works.
  •  My friend, Marisa, has been raving about these shawl pins. So of course, I had to check them out today. They are not cheap, but are elegant, simple to use and go with everything. 
 New shawl pin + my beautiful Aerolian shawl. It looks like I will finally be able to wear this shawl.

If you live in the area, did you get a chance to stop by? What were your favorites?!


Marisa said...

Sue, you look adorable in the photo booth! Soooo cute! Sharon got the same exact pin you did. Good choice. Glad you had fun. Let me know if you need more yarn tomorrow, I'll be floating around.

Sharon Troia said...

I agree, your Ysolda picture is adorable! Great finds - glad you decided to pick up some yarn!! You need to get back into some knitting projects :)

Maryse said...

Your photo with Ysolda is definitely awesome! Coastal Knits is such a beautiful book. I haven't knitted anything yet from it but I certainly will! Your friend Kristen has many photos of Stitches West on her blog! Thanks for the link!

Kristen said...

Oh, didn't you think Ysolda's booth was adorable? I love her photo booth too. Meeting Alana was a highlight. I met her last year but hadn't made many of her designs until Coastal came out. I was looking for shawl pins too but missed them, so much to see!