Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Lovely Surprise!

I am convinced that this is the best period to live in, ever. We have every tool possible to help us make things better, do them faster, and get them done better. While many people appreciate various gadgets available, I am particularly appreciative of all of the friends I have met thus far in this virtual space because of all of the technologies available. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without all of you. The internet, ipad, blogs, easy photo sharing process, and so much more allow me to share my little creations with people like you who share common interests. Instead of trying so hard to meet friends in real life, I have this rich network of people who truly matter to me.

I met Maryse, who blogs at Anyone Can Knits, in this space awhile back. She lives in Canada and is a avid knitter. I enjoy reading her blogs and checking out photos of her beautiful work, and she does the same with mine. She surprised me yesterday with a huge package from Canada! Wow! I was not expecting this at all.

Watermelon color sock yarn, super cute bag to store my long needles, cute pins, stitch markers and counter with beads! 

Wow! No offense, but which of my friends in real life would know that I would love everything in this package!? The bag has a ribbon attached to it that holds these tiny stitch markers and the counter! What a ingenious idea! And! Look, the bag has pink polka dots lining! She purchased these items from local artists near her. I am convinced that Canada has cute stuff! See for yourself.

I am jumping up and down in excitement!

 Blue stitch markers and counter; her favorite color :)

Ah! My project bag is all ready for action! 

I started a Citron shawl (shown in the image above) and of course, I immediately replaced my boring rings with these darling stitch markers. Can I just tell you how wonderful these little beads are!? I just love seeing them dangle on my yarn! So pretty :) I also attached the pin and counter to my project bag's zipper. It's hard to keep track of what row of Citron I am on and often times, I have no idea where the counter is on the sofa!

Special thanks to Maryse for this very lovely and thoughtful gift. Thank you for your friendship, Maryse! I will put these goodies to great use. 

If you haven't visited Anyone Can Knit, I highly recommend it! She makes some seriously good looking mittens that are lined.


Kristen said...

My goodness, how sweet and kind! I love the watermelon yarn too.

Karen said...

Ahh, that is nice. I agree, there are many wonderful people on the internet. However, I'm glad I met you in real life, too!

Maryse said...

That lady is such a sweetheart, hi hi... Seriously, I'm so happy you like it! Oh, and I'm a little ambivalent about my Douglas mittens. I gave them this weekend... I loved them so... but I think the recipient is knit worthy... and they did not fit me! It made me smile that you know my favorite color! I wasn't aware that you would know that! So true what you are saying about the wonderful people we may meet thanks to technology and crafts!

Sharon Troia said...

Wow! How awesome is that! I was wondering about those cute stitch markers I saw in your Citron last night, but forgot to ask! They are adroable!! I want to see this bag in person at our next knit night, it sounds really cool! What a sweetie Maryse is!

Jennifer said...

I saw that you had the cute little beads, I didn't know they made such nice stitch markers!